Devices Slinging Slices: Fresh 90-Second Pizza Vending Machines Firing Up Soon

In today's immediate-gratification culture, it often seems like a race to obtain everything we "need" as quickly as possible.  Things that used to be worth a wait might now sometimes be sidelined for instantaneous happiness, no matter how fleeting that exchanged-for sensation may ultimately be.  However, some innovations have been made that allow for speedy and significant satiation.  One device that may achieve this is the Pizzabox.

According to, the Pizzabox is a new type of vending machine that serves up a fresh 10" pie in only 90 seconds.  Their proprietary 800-degree oven (NOT a microwave) bakes the pies from non-frozen scratch, yielding crispy crusts and stretchably melty cheese.  Optional pepperoni, as well as seasonings like red pepper and oregano, plus utensils and wet-naps are included.  Full pies cost a cool $5.  According to, a sausage-and-egg "breakfast pizza" is an option to start your day (or conclude your night of partying.)  No word yet on whether you can live dangerously and add pineapple, anchovies, or other roommate-repelling toppings.

Should the electronic chef get something wrong with your order, you can video-chat live with customer service operatives directly through an onboard screen in the Pizzabox machine.  Like many device and services that modern technology tries to tout, the pizza machine of the future wants you to be happy.

Not having to deal with any weird humans makes the pizza-procuring experience even better.
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The Pizzabox was created by parent company The Box Brands, whose brainchild Burritobox is a similar device specializing in Mexican fare.  While already making the rounds of various conferences for demonstrations, Pizzabox is likely to be released for the masses in 2015.  Prospective initial locations include airports, and colleges like the University of Southern California (machine-made munchies, dude!)  The Box Brands' founder Denis Koci said, "We are initially launching it as the first-ever drive-through pizza experience."

Will it outdo the elderly Italian dudes down your street? Probably not. Will it provide a satisfying snack on the go? Likely way better than soggy fries and tragic fast-food burgers. For fast-paced food-fuel that almost seems like a real meal, the Pizzabox could be a slice of instant gratification that will have you sending your regards to the robot chef.

The only thing it doesn't do is dope dough-tossing tricks.
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