Bring The Undead (And Your Halloween Party) To Life With These App-Animated Creepy-Cool Costumes

Do you need a Halloween costume that's crazy-creepy, but you can't spend a lot of money?  Do you need an outfit to set you apart amidst the hoards of zombies, ghouls, and sexy this-and-thats?  Or do you just need a last-minute costume that doesn't require too much makeup, but also isn't simply a sheet thrown over your head?  This Halloween, Digital Dudz may be able to help you out.

As reported by, the premise is simple: download an app onto your smartphone and insert the phone into one of Digital Dudz's masks.  Instantly, you're outfitted as a cyclops with an eerie giant eyeball that stares around, a clown whose mouth bursts with maggots, a cyborg assassin scoping targets out with a laser eyeball, a diver drowning in his own deep-sea suit, or a variety of other options.  The vivid imagery imparted by the apps make the masks seem startlingly realistic and solidly unsettling.

The e-eyeball scares with a stare.  It twitches, too.
(Image courtesy

For those who are more of the casual type, Digital Dudz also makes t-shirts that turn your phone into part of the fun.  You could sport an exposed beating heart, power up your chest's arc reactor as Ironman, or set the aforementioned eerie eyeball to twitch in the sockets of a devilish doll or Frankenstein's face.

Digital Dudz's masks are priced from $45-$60 and include their free imagery apps.  Both the masks and t-shirts are capable of carrying a wide array of digital devices, which can be easily extracted in case you need to quickly call the police after causing a few heart attacks with your awesome costume.  Check out all their creepy coolness (as well as some truly hilarious morphsuits) in their seasonal video below.  Then get out there and treat folks to some terrific tricks!

PS - Don't forget to check back during Christmas, for Digital Dudz's flaming yule log or snowglobe-enabled shirts!

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