Taxidermy Taxi'ing For Takeoff: Dutch Inventors Mount Dead Things To Drones

Drone technology is advancing rapidly, so much so that some versions are available for civilian use. Two Dutchmen have taken this opportunity to amass a taxidermied aerial zoo.


According to the Daily Mail UK, it all started with a flying cat. Perhaps in the name of great, crazy art, or perhaps just thinking that a unique cat video would lead to instant fame, inventors Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen stretched a dead and stuffed feline over a four-rotor remote-controlled drone device. The rest is weird history.

This is real.  This really happened.

Jansen stated, 'Flight is man's greatest achievement, so why not give it to more animals? The world needs more flying animals.' He and Beltman then went on to aid a Dutch boy by giving his dead pet rat a new life as a three-rotor drone captain.  The cat and rat drones then went for a spin together, like a very disturbing episode of "Tom And Jerry."

Other projects from these not-quite-Wright Brothers include an aerial ostrich (with propellers!) that finally gives the flightless creature some time among its brethren in the skies.  Their most recent endeavor, a shark mounted to a winged jet engine, proves that even sea creatures can get in on the fun of flight.

Is it wrong to ask if they'll have a human funeral package option available?  

Great, now we have to worry about shark attacks from the SKY, too?

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