One For The Road: New Portable Breathalyzer For Self-86'ing

Sometimes it's just hard to tell when you've had that liiiittle bit too much to drink.  Now, technology has got your back, before the cops (or worse) have you flat on it.  Meet the DrinkMate.

As reported by, the device claims to be the smallest Breathalyzer in the world, measuring in at 4.7 by 1.5 centimeters (plus the smartphone you have to dock it to.)  It is accurate down to .01% of a BAC (blood-alcohol content) and is a much better judge of whether you should drive than you slapping yourself in the bathroom mirror trying to decide if you're capably lucid.

The device is currently under Kickstarter development from the Washington-based company Edge Tech Labs and is simple enough for use even after a few too many.  Small enough to be kept on a keychain, it only requires plugging into a mini-USB port on a smartphone, then it uses a semiconductor-based sensor to suss out your sobriety (or complete lack thereof.)

DrinkMate operates similarly to a device previously discussed here, the Alcohoot.  However, the DrinkMate is smaller and is priced significantly less ($25.95 as opposed to the Alcohoot's $99.)  Now you can drink safely and still have plenty of money left over to buy your friends a round.

Cool, spooky, stern-warning posters from the past not included, so we'll leave one here for you.

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