Ethically Hunt For Nudie Booty With New Search Engine "BoodieGo"

With all the porn, tasteful nudes, artistic collaborations sans clothing, and outright smut on the internet, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what selection of skin-imagery is most suited to your tastes.  Now, thanks to a new search engine, you can efficiently and ethically satisfy your sex drive, in every flavor from vanilla to rocky roadhouse gangbang.

As reported by, the new search engine BoodieGo specializes exclusively in finding virus-free, unpirated porn.  BoodieGo co-founder Colin Rowntree, one of a collaboration of "Google refugees" who began the company, assures users that their information will never be sold.  Also, all searches on BoodieGo will be completely and automatically anonymous, not impacting users' other sidebar ads or search engine histories.

Rowntree is particularly proud that BoodieGo focuses on maintaining exclusively non-pirated content. A former producer and director, he understands that piracy hurts studios and performers alike. To keep the pornstars paid, he claims that illegal sharing sites are “...basically just blacklisted from ever getting into the search results."

There's also no ads on BoodieGo, so help their site traffic by getting your (ethical) freak on!
Don't worry, just because it's ethical doesn't mean it's still not really weird.

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