Hi From The Sky: New Satellite To Spy On You, Down To 10-Inch Parameters

That feeling that someone is watching you has never been more apt.  In addition to the countless cameras on the streets, in vehicles, in stores, on phones, and wherever else instant-documentation is for some reason now necessary, there is now also a seriously strong satellite checking you out.

As reported by engadget.com, the "high-resolution, public imaging satellite"  WorldView-3 is set to launch tomorrow, providing imaging data down to a frankly creepy 10-inch range.  Parent company DigitalGlobe intends to sell this information to its customers like Microsoft and Google for better street imaging, but grandparent company Lockheed Martin is a well-known U.S. government ally.  Take that as you will, as they take your pictures.

The technology is supposedly also set to aid farmers, mineral-deposit seekers, environmental protectors and others, so apparently we're just going to have to pretend this is all altruistic, as if we had a choice.  And maybe it's really not all bad...at least for exhibitionists, your nude sunbathing just got a little more exciting.

It can also see spectra that your eyes cannot.  But it's still probably just watching you.


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