Electric Excellence For Everyone: Tesla's Affordable Model E

The changing dynamics of sustainable transportation will hopefully soon allow our dependency on fossil fuels to decline dramatically. Now, electric car manufacturers Tesla are taking steps to bring their technology to different levels of the market.

The Tesla Model E is a new and more affordable electric car that could raise the industry's appeal to the masses. As reported by technobuffalo.com, Tesla VP of engineering Chris Porritt indicated "the E will be priced to compete with Audi’s A4 sedan and BMW’s compact 3 series, which both cost a little over $30,000 new." The Model E is significantly less expensive than their flagship $70,000 Model S automobile, thanks to developments made by Tesla's Gigafactory that will enable the creation of lower-cost batteries.

Tesla also plans to release an SUV, the Model X, due out in the second quarter of 2015. The company has refused to comment on any prospective release date for hoverboards.
Image courtesy www.gas2.org.


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