The Suit Makes The (Space)Man: NASA's New Designs For Spacewear

The iconic "astronaut spacesuit" look is set for some big revamps in function (and maybe even interplanetary fashion.) Though you probably won't see them strolling down a catwalk, they'll be making many appearances during spacewalks.

As reports, NASA's new spacesuit designs focuses on maneuverability for both micro-gravity extravehicular activities (such as an astronaut on the International Space Station would undertake) as well as "surface capability" for landing on new planetary bodies.

NASA spacesuit engineer Amy Ross states the new Z-1 series of spacesuits have improved mobility, where "new bearings in the Z-1's shoulder, waist, hip, upper leg and ankles allow for increased leg movement and fine foot placement." The new suits can be entered from a hatch in the back, as opposed to the two-piece current "EMU" (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) design.

The space agency's stated goal of the new suits is to eventually have astronauts wearing them on Mars. Finally, fashion for the future!

Rocking the new Z-1 spacesuit.

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