Hemp-Composite Cars Could Roll In Eco-Friendly Transportation Future

With many Americans waking up to the fact that oil is politically, economically, and environmentally unstable as a continued abundant resource, alternatives for automotive transportation are manifesting some interesting new "green" ideas.

According to www.lamag.com, "The first car manufactured in an eco-friendly manner was supposedly prototyped by Henry Ford in 1941, with a plastic composite of organic materials including hemp. That was over 70 years ago." They hasten to add that a variety of concept cars built from hemp composites could soon be ready to roll as viable new auto options. With bodies that don't necessarily sacrifice style to include sustainability, the various modern models focus on hemp composite-based, eco-friendly construction, rechargeable battery or compressed-air power, and clean emissions.

With the topic of marijuana legalization still a hot-button political issue (despite creating millions in tax revenue in Colorado, where is has been legalized), the notion of industrial hemp as a constructive fiber continues to prove itself strong and versatile.

The Lotus Eco Elise

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