Helo, I Love You: Mini-Helicopters To Solve City Traffic Congestion?

It just wouldn't be the future without flying cars. Now, the myCopter company is seeking to make that a reality, even for the average driver.

The myCopter design, first dreamed up in 2007 by Heinrich H. B├╝lthoff from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, is being tested in flight simulators in Liverpool with surprisingly easy reviews of the projected craft's usability.

Mark D. White, the flight simulator laboratory manager, explained that myCopters are about efficiency (the coolness factor needs no words.) As he told the New York Times, “You have so many man-hours lost sitting in traffic jams, and you have a lot of space above us… Can you travel from your home to your city-center work location without getting stopped in traffic jams?”

While infrastructural and legal issues will still need sorting out, this is still a good step (or flight?) in the right direction for new types of commuting and urban engineering.

Sooo much cooler than the subway.  Image courtesy myCopter.eu.

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