Fired Up: Renewable Energy Sources Produce 20% Of Global Power

Renewable energy sources, including solar power, hydro power, geothermal energy, biofuels and wind, have been steadily contributing to energy requirements worldwide. Up from a mere 8% in 2012, the accrued fuel sources range in location from the U.S. to developing nations, with humans across the globe realizing the potential of the myriad new sustainable energy systems.

According to, "With developing world’s policy support, global renewable energy generation capacity jumped to a record level; 95 emerging economies now nurture renewable energy growth through supportive policies, up six-fold from just 15 countries in 2005."

China made a stunning leap this year by using more renewable sources than nuclear and fossil fuels combined. Although the U.S. has been relatively slow to catch on to widespread use of new energy sources, smaller nations like Scotland and Tuvalu plan to be 100% powered by renewable sources by 2020.

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