E-Eats: Play Gourmet To Perfect Real-Life Cooking Skills

Do you want to create diverse, healthy meals, but don't think you have the skills? Don't want to risk expensive meal mistakes burning money? New software is poised to usher in a whole new means of cuisine: the CyberCook.

With elegant renderings, a vast array of ingredients, and realistic cooking technique motions involved, the game is as advanced visually as it is conceptually. Yet the technological breakthrough it symbolizes could reach outside the world of food and create greater educational methodology.

The CyberCook was developed by tech company Starship, whose CEO told www.factor-tech.com that,“It will change the way education is done, it will change the way the format is done of teaching people – and that’s the real clever bit, it’s not the 3D simulation, which everyone thinks is amazing, it’s actually the structure of what we allow people to do with it,” he said.

And perhaps with the dawn of 3-D printing (and maybe baking?), the social-media favorite word of "sharing" will take on a whole new meaning if your friends spot cookies in your e-oven.

But how do you throw a virtual pie?


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