3D-Printed Rock Gear Rolls Out For UK Band Klaxons

Klaxons, a band from the UK, plan to embark on the world's first "3D printed tour." Using guitars, amps, and lights created by 3-D printing software, the band are innovating possibilities for new types of sound and new opportunities for equipment creation.

Crafted by Chelmsford company SJA 3D printing, the attempt was a challenge, though one they took to with great results thus far. Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds told NME, "We're going to do something nobody has ever done before. Something big, something fresh. Why not?"

The band plans to take their futuristic gear on a 9-date tour of the UK, beginning at the Norwich Waterfront on October 25th.
One example of a 3D-printed guitar, by Olaf Diegel of New Zealand

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