Anti-Surveillance: Police Dismantle Monitoring Gear on their Own Vehicles

It is difficult to find government officials who are against mass surveillance of the American people and the public worldwide. However, these professional hypocrites are much more sensitive when they themselves are on the other side of the camera.  Police are all for mass surveillance, until you turn it on them. From Ars Technica:

The Los Angeles Police Commission is investigating how half of the recording antennas in the Southeast Division went missing, seemingly as a way to evade new self-monitoring procedures that the Los Angeles Police Department imposed last year.

According to the Los Angeles Times, an LAPD investigation determined that around half of the 80 patrol cars in one South LA division were missing antennas as of last summer, and an additional 10 antennas were unaccounted for. Citing a police source, the newspaper said that removing the antennas can reduce the range of the voice transmitters by as much as a third of the normal operating distance.
The Police Commission, an independent body that oversees LAPD policy, was only notified of the situation two months ago.

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