Children Easily Bypass UK's Internet Censorship Filters, Parents Still Incompetent

Why won't these children think of the children?! From the BBC:
Filters put in place by parents to stop children viewing inappropriate content are easily bypassed by the youngsters themselves, according to a nreport from regulator Ofcom.
It found that 18% of 12-15-year-olds know how to disable internet filters.
Almost half of children aged 12-15 know how to delete their browsing history and 29% can amend settings to mask their browser activity.   Some 83% of eight to 11 year-olds said they knew how to stay safe online. . . . 
According to the report, many parents feel their computing skills are far inferior to their children's.  Almost half (44%) of parents with children aged between eight and 11 say their child knows more about the internet than they do. That rises to 63% for parents of 12-15-year-olds.
In other words, hysterical helicopter parents and safety fetishists have succeeded only in preventing themselves and their technophobic peers from accessing "objectionable" content online.

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