Filling the Vacuum After the Silk Road Bust

From Atlantisblog:
It’s almost two weeks since I reported on the race to create Silk Road 2.0 and it seems the mass migration is well underway with existing sites busting at the seams to accommodate the huge increase in traffic with some sites witnessing a 600% increase in listings in two weeks alone and with several more in the final stages of testing it looks like it won’t be long before silk roads legacy of 12,000 drug listings are divided out among its suitors. So who will be the big winners and losers in the battle for the spoils? Well it would seem Sheep Marketplace with its slick interface and easy to navigate listings has seen the biggest explosion in growth while the well established heir to the throne Black Market Reloaded has almost doubled it number of drug listings despite having to temporally close the site on several occasions due to huge influx of traffic and a security breach on another occasion.

This morning the Silk Road subreddit graced me with a list containing links to many new TOR marketplace sites and since many of these are still untested and unproven I decided now might be a good time to assess the state of the union and check  each of them out for myself.

The rest of this post goes into quite a bit of detail on each market so if you are looking for a tl;dr It’s my opinion the new Silk Road [2.0] site is going to be the one to watch and for second place it’s a total free for all.  Below are the most promising sites I’ve seen, I could have listed more but if you cant get what your looking for on one of these I don’t think it exists.

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