Sophos: Firefox Voted Most Trustworthy Browser

What's your preferred browser?  A Sophos survey finds Firefox in the lead.  From Naked Security:

About a month ago I asked Naked Security readers Which web browser do you trust? Your answer was emphatic: it's Firefox.  I asked this question because trustworthiness has become an important selection criteria for web browsers and there is no objective test for it.

Modern web browsers are mature and complex products and, despite inflated version numbers and conspicuously busy release cycles, their feature sets evolve quite slowly.
Selecting the right web browser is no longer a question of what the software can do, it's about whether or not it can do the things we expect it to do quickly, securely and with due regard for our privacy.

Our poll offered readers the chance to vote for one of the six most popular web browsers -  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Chromium - and asked which you trusted the most.
Image source: The Bandwidth Blog.

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