Irony Alert: Google CEO Warns that Real World Privacy is Threatened by Online Activity

It is unclear whether these two Google executives are even aware of the irony here.  From Wired:
As younger and younger generations continue to give away their data and musings online, there is a real and present danger of their virtual identity usurping their actual identity in a damaging way. This was the warning put to the audience at Google's Big Tent event by executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen of Google Ideas.

"As you age, more and more of your digital identity is determined by others and that indelible record is something new generations will live with for the rest of their lives," said Schmidt . . .

"Kids are coming online and saying things that will follow them round for rest of lives," said Cohen, "faster than the physical maturation process. Parents should talk to them about privacy years before the birds and the bees" . . . 

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