Michigan Law Prohibits Employers from Breaking into Online Accounts

You'd think that it would be self-evident that employers have no right to go through your private email, login to your Facebook page, or snoop through your various social media accounts.  Not in the United Surveillance States of America.  A new law in Michigan prohibits this practice, which has been raising eyebrows for what seems like a few years now.  From MLive:
Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation into law Friday that would prohibit employers from their asking workers for logins to their social media and internet accounts. 
The bill, introduced by state Rep. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton, bars companies and schools from asking employees and students for their usernames and passwords. 
“Cyber security is important to the reinvention of Michigan, and protecting the private internet accounts of residents is a part of that,” Snyder said in a press release. “Potential employees and students should be judged on their skills and abilities, not private online activity.”

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