Rocket From Russia: Space Tourism Back In Action For 2018

With the tomorrow's launch of The One Year Crew as an experiment in sustained spacefaring, many civilians are wondering when we get to have a turn.  Fear not, prospective astro-adventurers...Russia may have your ticket to fly...

A Soyuz rocket in action.  Feel like taking a spin?
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Time Travel By Telephone: New App Shows Classic Pics At Scenic "Pivot Points"

Who doesn't enjoy the notion of time travelling to a different era in the past?  Speculating on the places, people, and events that have preceded your life is one of humanity's great fascinations, even as we stretch further into the future.  Now, although we can't physically poke around the past, a new app allows for a different type of this temporal trip...

It's like an inter-era Instagram.
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Will The Force(field) Be With Us? Boeing Patents An Electromagnetic Shield

Shields have been the companion to swords since time immemorial...across numerous fields of war and peace, many will claim that the best offense is a good defense.  Now, Boeing has thrown down (and up, and sideways) on this notion, and patented an electromagnetic force field.

This is part of the actual patent.  How awesome is that?
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Mini-Black Holes? Extra Dimensions? CERN Has An Exciting Week Ahead

Ever (ever) wonder (wonder) about (about) parallel (parallel) universes (universes)?  We might learn a whole lot more about them after a new round of experiments at CERN this week...

Smashing atoms, looking smashing.
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Space Station Sunday: The "One Year Crew" Saddles Up For Space

Good afternoon, space fans!  It was a (relatively) quiet week on the International Space Station, but that's just because some serious scientific strides are about to take place!

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko,
the "One Year Crew", prepare to leave Earth for an extended space stay.
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Art And Sole: New E-Ink Shoes Sport Different, Programmable Designs

Ladies, we know it's difficult finding that perfect pair of pumps to match your outfit.  Now, thanks to the futuristic fashion known as iShüu, you can customize your kicks for whatever occasion...

Whether you're meandering, moseying, walking or waltzing, iShüu has something for you.
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Mars Barred: "Mars One" Reality Show A Spacefaring Scam

Sure, the idea has tremendous allure: pick a group of random and possibly strange humans, send them to a faraway untouched planet, and record the whole thing for the entertainment of Earthlings.  The "Mars One" reality show intends to do exactly this.  The problem?  Science isn't on their side...