Space Station Sunday: Science And Progress

Good afternoon, space fans!  Here's the latest news from 220 miles above Earth.

Astronaut Scott Kelly enjoys "Saturday morning coffee with my old friend, Planet Earth."
The coffee is contained in the silver pouch on the right.
(Image courtesy Scott Kelly/ 

Message Received: NASA's Messenger Probe Crashes Into Mercury After Four Years In Orbit

Having served admirably as an interplanetary diplomat between Earth and Mercury, NASA's Messenger probe went out in a blaze of glory yesterday, crashing into the planet it had spent years documenting...

Composite shots of Mercury, courtesy the Messenger.  Colors added for awesomeness.
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No Surprise With Robot Eyes: Microsoft Awarded Patent For Emotion-Revealing Glasses

It's no surprise anymore that things in this brave new world can't remain private.  Your papers, property, and person are one thing, but what happens when you willingly enter the public eye, and that public eye is now equipped with glasses that can read your emotions?

Uh, future?  Can we just go focus on space travel or something?
This is creepy.
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Feline Groovy: Play Out Your "Crazy Cat Person" Fantasy Via This New App

Are you too popular?  Are you more interesting than the average person, and suffer no lack of friends due to this?  Do you often find yourself graced with many socially-engaging options and fun things to enrich your life?  And do you hate the hell out of all of that?  Never, you can become a crazy cat person, at least in the realm of apps...

Questioning your sanity has never been so adorable!
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Forests, Not Firebombing: New Drones Could Plant A Billion Trees Per Year

While just last week we discussed drones aiding and abetting criminals in prison, now it's time to look at one of the nicer sides of our flying friends.  An ex-engineer from NASA now intends to use drones to plant over a billion trees a year...

Spread the love (and the oxygen!)
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Space Station Sunday: Robot Muscles Get Ripped, New Coffee Cups Get Sipped

Good afternoon, space fans!  It's been another fascinatingly productive week on the ISS.  Here's what's up!

Friday marked the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope.  Keep shooting those stars!
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Tutorial: A Simple iOS Collection View in Swift

A collection view is a great way to present view elements in a grid-like arrangement. The precise layout of visual elements is definable through subclassing a collection view. Collection views are packaged with a data source facility that makes it possible for an app to generate data-driven views (collection view cells). In this tutorial we will create a subclass of a UICollectionView and write a random color generating function to supply our collection view data for its cells.