Notes From The Posterior: New Butt-Bot Helps Med Students Hit Prostates Like Pros

Let's face it, there are many doctors who, despite serving as capable medical professionals, leave a lot to be desired in their bedside manner.  This can be particularly vexing when the issue (or treatment thereof) necessitates above-average intimacy.  One new innovation will now be able to put both doctors and patients a little bit more at ease:  Patrick, the robotic butt.

And all the tech isn't for twerking...
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Ecocapsule Homes: Better Than Rent Or Tents

Living off the grid is an attractive idea for many in this hyper-commercial, uber-urban world.  Now, a new self-contained pod could bring you one step closer to scaled-down solace...

You bring me closer to pod.
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Hit The Lights: New Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon Blackens, Sans Bombs

Warfare can take many guises, and not all of them need to be abundantly destructive.  Now, thanks to Boeing, a new electromagnetic pulse weapon will provide our military with the capacity to turn an enemy's lights out, rather than knocking their lights out.

Darkness falls: a new CHAMP missile strikes the grid.
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Hack In Black: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Portable Blacklight

Since your smartphone already can seem like something out of the future, why not give it an extra superpower?  You can now act like a criminal investigator (handcuffs optional) and scan for clues using your smartphone as a blacklight...

And then, adorning everything in blacklight ink becomes your new graffitti...
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Space Station Sunday: Worms And A Dragon

Good evening, space fans!  Here's all the latest from our neighbors in orbit.

The Dragon, draggin' things home.
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Way To Go: New Apple Maps Launch To Include Public Transit, Indoor Maps & More Flyovers

It's a feature that has benefited humanity tremendously since its inception, and now, it's even more comprehensive.  Apple Maps is upgrading their app to include subways, trains, new flyover views, and even robotically-determined floorplans inside of buildings.

Plot your commute or view your dream vacation, all in the palm of your hand.
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Spy vs. mSpy: Tracking-App Company Reveals Blackmail Attempt

With so many adults willing to give up their privacy in the name of security, it's no surprise that they'd levy that same treatment (with the same unwarranted sneakiness) onto their own children.  Amusingly enough, one firm that provides such products has now been hit by blackmailers.

Stalk your kids while sipping your coffee!  Except sometimes, it's not so simple...
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